I was sтaηdìηg αt crossяoad,Once, :(

Post by Manish Raut:

I was sтaηdìηg αt crossяoad,Once, 😦

I was sтaηdìηg αt crossяoad,Once, 😦

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I was standing at crossroad, Once :(

I was confused lost in my own little world.
I was stuck inside a fantasy life and i needed someone to help me get out.

I loved her but she always had an excuse.
I liked the other one because she was caring
and i used to talk with her for hours,

and out of the blue she used  tell me i was the  best.
the one i love didn’t had time for me,
and i felt like we were growing apart,
the one i liked was there for me and cares about me even when i got a little cute.

i wanted both,they were best in the world
and had both of them,
someone i loved and someone that cared for me.

I was confused ,i was lost in a maze,
the was only difference, there was one way in but two ways out

I could have gone back to the one i loved and continue to feel like our love was drifting away
or i could have gone to the one i liked and fall in love with her 

but i chose the one whom i loved,
months later she left,started ignoring me,she started drifting away
and that time i was not  able to stop her,because she was gone far away,beyond my reach

but the other one’s loyalty,careness never left me alone”
but she was now different,it was all because of me
her love towards me was totally different
now she knew.that my love(whom i loved) and i came back to her,
slowly slowly other one’s love for me faded away too

i was like the lonely fish left in the whole iced lake.
and fighting for my life and praying for the sun to shine’
it was over,,i was alone again
i was left of nowhere.

#LOVE the one who loves you,because the one whom you love
may not love you in return,it may take you months,years or never,,,to make them fall for you
but the one who loves you will be there for you the longer than one whom you love (i can’t say forever)
because feelings he/she developed inside themselves for you, was real and pure,
it won’t go away for long,

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